Speed Jump Rope- Anti-Skid Handle - Adjustable Cable Rope-Fit for boy & girls,Kids,Students

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The SLIM HANDLES have an overall excellent feel in your hands. The soft-touch SILICONE GRIP and the smooth turning BEARING SYSTEM allow a perfect rotation for a consistent workout.


Our speed rope kills with the CROSSOVERS and the DOUBLE UNDERS.

It's a fantastic addition to your workout routine, no matter if you are a BEGINNER OR NOT.

QUICK ADJUSTMENT & EASY TO STORE---The jump rope’s unique fold-over cable system makes it such a cinch to adjust and no more hassle loosing screws like others.

You can switch cables in under a minute. Its specific round pouch helps you coil the cable with its original shape, no distort and ruin this set.

The round pouch is made of high quality and of simple design, convenient to carry around.

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